Thursday, December 2, 2010

Qatar? Really?

Today, in a stunning announcement, we learned that Qatar would be hosting the World Cup in 2022. The USA was the favorite heading into the announcement, and we came out with only disappointment.

I know the committee is probably just trying to build diversity, but this year was in South Africa, and 2014 will be in Brazil, and 2018 in Russia. Plenty of diversity going around already. Momentum for soccer is building in the USA, and we've only ever hosted one World Cup in 1994. The marketability would be much higher in the US and the World Cup would certainly make much more money than in Qatar. It's also disappointing that a craptastic team like Qatar (and Russia in 2018, for that matter) will have an automatic bid into the tournament.

I know it's still 12 years away, which is a long time, but I really want to see the World Cup come to America. I'd really like to experience it once. Maybe in 2014 I'll be making enough money to go to Brazil. Maybe Russia in 2018. Don't think I want to travel to Qatar, though.

We'd better get it in 2026...

SOAD Reunites

A few days ago, it was announced the System of a Down would be reuniting for some European tour dates. This has been rumored for months to be happening, but it was still nice to see an official announcement. Now if only we can get some North American dates and a new album...

Story on Blabbermouth

Ahh, It's Finally Over

Certainly random and off-topic, but No-Shave November is finally over! I was in the bathroom as soon as the clock struck midnight on what was Wednesday morning to shave off my horrendous beard.



Really wanted to shave like that guy, but can't go that crazy while living in the res halls. I certainly shared the ire for my beard that he had for his, though.

Figures, though, that it's 25 degrees outside my first two days without a beard...